Unpacking History

Exhibitions from Unpacking History: The Great War (2013 - 2016)

From 2013-2016 the museum, with help from the Heritage Lottery Fund, undertook a 3 year project exploring its First World War collection. As part of this project the museum worked with volunteers from the local community to curate a series of temporary exhibition which were exhibited in venues around the Tower of London and were accompanied by a series of public events. The aim was to use the upcoming First World War centenary, and the expected surge in public interest, to engage more people with Royal Fusilier stories. To promote the extent and nature of our First World War collections to the public and to give members of our local community direct access to original First World War objects and allow them to play an active part in the museum's commemoration of the War. We have also been working to reinterpret the website and content from these temporary exhibitions is now available to view below.  

Bombs, Bullets & BandagesBombs, Bullets & Bandages, November 2016 - January 2017

Volunteers spent four months researching the treatment of wounded soldiers during the First World War. The exhibition explores the darker sides of a nation’s sacrifice and the ongoing consequences of the life altering injuries suffered by many of the men who fought. The exhibition explores two men in particular – Private Frank Moore and Private Frank York. Both men suffered injuries which saw them evacuated to the UK to undergo further treatment. 

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Exhibition FlyerRoland Philipps: Scout, Soldier, Somme, June - July 2016 

Volunteers spent four months researching the life of Roland Philipps and The Battle of the Somme. Roland Philipps not only experienced one of the most contentious battles of WWI but he worked tirelessly for East London’s local community. His legacy funds many of the activities of the East London Scouts today. The exhibition was researched with the help of The Scout Association (TSA) and utilised their heritage collection. 

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Leaflet with brown and letter backgroundOne Man's War: The Story of Corporal Walter Croft, June 2015

Volunteers worked for five months researching the World War One letters of Corporal Walter Croft in the museum’s collection. This exhibition shares an ordinary young man’s experience of the war in his own words – through more than 80 letters to his family and friends. 

See the full exhibition here.

LEAFLET for Tower ExhVoices from the Front: A Personal Account of the Great War, November 2014 - January 2015

Volunteers spent six months researching the WWI diaries in the Museum’s collection. The exhibition shares the experiences of the soldiers in their own words. The volunteers allowed the soldier’s diaries to dictate the topics. What came through strongly were the challenges of day to day living; the food, the transport, the conditions and the camaraderie.

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