Fusiliers Advance!

Exhibitions from the museum's redevelopment project (2010 - 2013)

FlyerMilitary Music, August - September 2013 

Whether for intimidation, to boost morale or to celebrate the traditions of its long and varied history, music provides a unique viewpoint of the history of the Armed Forces. The volunteers of The Fusilier Museum London spent time researching the evolution of military music, its traditions and what it means in the context of today’s army. They uncovered some fascinating Fusiliers stories along the way. 

See the full exhibition here.

Animals at war Flyer A4Animals in the Armed Forces, May 2013 

Throughout history the Armed Forces have had a unique relationship with animals. Volunteers of the Fusilier Museum London spent four months researching what animals mean to the army and uncovering some fascinating Fusilier stories. 

See the full exhibition here.