Work Experience- Dan's Story

DanEven though the Royal Fusiliers Museum is in the Tower of London, I was surprised by just how easy it was to enter and find. All you need is a visitor’s pass to enter and you are given simple to follow directions. Starting off my work experience at the Royal Fusiliers Museum, I was given an interesting, detailed tour by one of the volunteers working there that was clearly researched thoroughly. This helped me gain knowledge of the Royal Fusiliers and so was useful before I started working with this sort of history.

The museum itself is small but there is a lot on display with plenty of information for visitors. Museum staff are happy to provide extra information that is not on display and doing work experience here means that you are the one that helps find this intriguing information. The museum is on the bottom level, but you work on the top level in the regimental headquarters and are given the opportunity to see interesting pieces of history behind the scenes.

In the induction process, I was trained in object handling and how to store data and information on a catalogue which is very important when working in a museum. Throughout my work experience I was also involved in research and more specifically research in objects that will be used for object handling sessions. During the days I was there I worked with the Curator and Collections Officer and was able to see the big research and digitisation project they were undertaking and what it entailed.

My main motivation for wanting to do work experience at this museum was to help me in applying to study history at university and I think it will help my personal statement and application standout as it will show clearly my interest in history. Aside from this, work experience at the Royal Fusiliers Museum also provided me with valuable skills that is needed for wanting to study history and work in history-related fields.

My work experience at the Royal Fusiliers Museum has been a very productive, thought-provoking time and I highly recommend it to people with an interest in history.