Work Experience at The Fusilier Museum London, July 2016

I have thoroughly enjoyed my week’s work experience at the Fusilier Museum in which I have been surrounded by staples of the past. When looking for work experience, I’d hoped to work in a stimulating environment where I could gain historical knowledge and practical skills. From medals to letters to loved ones, I have gained a real sense of what sort of objects characterised the First and Second World War, alongside men who fought in them. For example, I spent a good amount of time throughout the week looking into Stan Morgan, a man who fought in the 11th battalion for the Fusiliers and also played for Arsenal FC.


I have also learnt a wide array of skills suitable for a museum environment, such as how to handle museum objects and artefacts. I worked alongside other volunteers with objects in the collection and gained valuable knowledge and insight into the regimental history of the Fusiliers. Cataloguing items in the collections, for example photographs and medals with the use of Modes was also an interesting task as I had the opportunity to handle artefacts (some older than me) and analyse where they’d come from and why they existed.

As an A-Level student who hopes to study History at University and possibly work in a Museum environment, the experience has been beneficial as well as enjoyable and I have gained a valuable understanding of how museums are run behind the scenes.