Voices from the Front: A Personal Account of the Great War

I am delighted to share with you the latest exhibition from The Fusilier Museum London. Curated by a group of local volunteers ‘Voices from the Front: A Personal Account of the Great War’ explores the experiences of everyday soldiers as told through their own words. The Fusilier Museum recently digitised a number of wonderful First World War diaries containing the personal recollections of the soldier’s, as well as beautiful drawings and sketches.

Over the last six months volunteers from the local community have been researching the men who wrote these diaries allowing their words to inspire the topics that make up this exhibition. What came through strongly were the challenges of day-to-day living: the food, the transport, the conditions and the camaraderie. Tough times are of course mentioned but the diaries tend to allude to, rather than discuss in detail, these more difficult experiences. Hence what this exhibition explores is the day-to-day life of a soldier during the years 1914 -1918.

In the exhibition you will meet Tommy –

Tommy was designed and drawn by the volunteers to lead visitors through the exhibition, to share the men’s experiences with you and to explain a little of the situations they found themselves in. You will also see on display a number of the diaries from which the volunteers have taken their inspiration, as well as items worn and owned by First World War soldiers.

The exhibition will be opening at the Barbican Music Library on 7th November where there will be a performance by the Laban Movement Choir Project. The Laban Guild who choreographed this piece visited the archive last December and drew inspiration from many of the items you will see displayed at the exhibition. We are delighted they will be performing their piece, danced to Karl Jenkins ‘The Armed Man’ at the exhibition opening and we look forward to welcoming you all to come along to this free event.

The exhibition will be on display until January 5th 2015 and there will be a further dance workshop for anybody who wishes to get involved. If you are interested in any of these events then do contact the museum on – or 0203 166 6912.