Calling all teachers.  New school sessions booking now.

The Fusilier Museum London has been working with colleagues at Historic Royal Palaces Tower of London Education Team to develop its first dedicated sessions for schools.

If you are interested in bringing a group or want to find out more, please contact HRP Education Department on;

T: 0203 166 6654

A Sergeant’s story: India and British rule

A Sergeant’s story: India and British rule is aimed at 11-14 year olds and focuses on the British Empire and its effect on Britain and the colonised regions.  The Royal Fusiliers spent over 80 years with an almost continuous presence in India policing the British Empire.   A costumed Interpreter plays Royal Fusilier Sergeant Webb.  Sergeant Webb is about to go and join his Regiment in India and anxious to convince the students they should come with him.  Students then use a selection of sources to question the narrative presented to them by Sergeant Webb before deciding whether they will join him and the Royal Fusiliers in India.

This session is also available as part of an extended study day Perspectives on Empire: India and British ruleThis full day also offers students the chance to study -the priceless symbols of British sovereignty – the crown jewels.  Students are allowed priority access to the Jewels before looking in more detail at the Kor-i-Noor diamond which became part of the Crown Jewels when Queen Victoria was crowned Empress of India in 1877.  The session encourages students to debate the ownership of the diamond and highlights the continuing legacy of Empire today.


Pack up your troubles: a day in the life of an East End soldier

For Primary School aged children  Pack up your troubles:  a day in the life of an East End soldier is aimed at KS2 pupils and looks at the experience of a local soldier during the Second World War.

Pupils find a small pack and are told that they must try and reunite it with its owner.  The children unpack the bag and discover clues about the soldier and his life.  At the end of the session a costumed interpreter in Second World War uniform arrives looking for his missing pack.  Once the children reunite him with it, he talks to them about the pack’s contents and answers their questions on his life.

The session is based on the real life experiences of East End Soldier Tom Smith who served with the Royal Fusiliers in the Second World War and encourages children to think about how the war affected local people.


Stories from The Fusilier Museum

Four local schools have been working hard to bring some of the stories of the Fusiliers to life. After, a visit to the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Headquarters at the Tower of London and weeks of research, script writing and art workshops children worked with animators John Harmer and Wendy Scott to a series of short films.

This was a joint project between The Fusilier Museum, Historic Royal Palaces Tower Education Team and City Learning Centre.

You can view the films here!

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The beautiful new galleries at The Fusilier Museum, unveiled to the public on April 4th 2011 represent a significant fundraising effort. But they are only the beginning of the story.

Fundraising is ongoing for Fusilier Engage! which will engage local people with the museum for the first time. We have nearly reached our goal of £830,000 and you can help us reach our target.