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The Fusilier Museum’s collection was established in 1962  Like many Regimental Museums the collection was based on existing Regimental property.

The collection is rich in uniforms, flags, silver and insignia which have help to distinguish the Regiment and create a unique Regimental identity throughout history.

The need and desire of the Regiment to keep records has resulted in the museum having a wonderful archive of photographs, personal letters and war diaries.

Souvenirs, taken from vanquished enemies or bought from exotic campaign locations, are another strength.

The museum is very proud of its medal collection which includes 12 of the 20 Royal Fusilier Victoria Crosses.

The collection also contains a large number of social history objects which refuse to be categorised but which tell the stories of the individual Fusiliers who make up the Regiment’s history.

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The beautiful new galleries at The Fusilier Museum, unveiled to the public on April 4th 2011 represent a significant fundraising effort. But they are only the beginning of the story.

Fundraising is ongoing for Fusilier Engage! which will engage local people with the museum for the first time. We have nearly reached our goal of £830,000 and you can help us reach our target.